With more than 30 years of branding experience, our unique method called „Unpacking“ elevates client business performance by integrating needs and symbols.

The Four Stages of #Unpacking for Brand Growth

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After a deep analysis of the brand and category, we map essential need-states to formulate key entry points and strategies.

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Explore and affirm the needs associated with each entry point and uncover pertinent symbols.

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Design the brand identity around symbols that directly tap into the needs with the greatest impact on purchasing behavior.

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Implement the new symbology across all communication platforms, from the brand manual to above-the-line  marketing efforts.

Our unique tools

Our Signature Instruments for Creating Business-Impacting Symbols

A tool for compiling an audit of brand and category symbols. We also use it to validate symbols in graphic outputs.


A tool for designing visual contexts to evaluate symbols, concentrating on eliciting feelings, emotions, and subconscious connections.


A research method to uncover subconscious needs, the symbolic power, and the relevance of symbols.

We like #unpacking

Using our unpacking method, we create solutions that increase sales with proven results.
Record market share in the last 5 years
6x higher recognizability in TV, online and print ads
+36 NPS from 32 to 68
Bestseller of the decade among alcohol novelties
47% increase in sales
From sales decline of -8% to growth of +10%

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