Local adaptation of global campaign.

Introducing new visual and audio elements in the adaptation of a global campaign produced brand results that surpassed expectations.
The challenge

The Hisense global campaign did not fully reflect local business needs and was low on branding, while the brand struggled with brand awareness in CZ.

The solution

We unpacked the visual identity and brand name into basic elements, then used and strengthened the ones most influencing consumer behaviour through our creative and design.

The campaign was a huge success, increasing branding of the spot by 6 times, and increasing brand awareness significantly.

The discovery

Putting emphasis on the different brand colours, and playing with the brand name in a memorable way, hugely influenced brand metrics.

We highlighted the word “Sen” in the brand name and incorporated it into the slogan, thereby increasing brand recall.

Thanks to emphasised brand colours, the communication became very ownable.

“Thanks to the campaign, we achieved very good results in all brand attributes, especially Brand Awareness and Brand Equity, which are important for launching a brand in a given market. The campaign also reflected very well on the sales growth during the campaign period. At the same time, other important on line and off line players in the market participated very well in the campaign.”

Regina Netolická
Head of Marketing, Hisense