The current children’s sweets market is specific by its well balanced competition of key players, but also the unsteady and unpredictable customer behaviour accompanied by low brand loyalty. The key objective of this campaign was to raise the customer’s loyalty to the JOJO brand and to support its image and brand essence „Always new adventures“.


We have built JOJO PLANET - a loyalty club based on the platform of an online portal with a steady stream of new games as well as numerous attractive gifts. The gifts are of course bound to product purchase. The JOJO PLANET is also a web for parents who can find information not only about all of the JOJO brand products but mainly inspiration on how to spend free time with their children, creative ideas, tips for trips etc. More >>


A stunningly high rise in the number of registered users in the first 2 months of activity of the loyalty club, with more than 208 000 registered users after the first year of and an extreme rise of loyalty in the website visitors and users.

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