We provide activation in two areas – brands and sales. In both cases we are always looking for a 360 degree approach. Based on our creative concept and mechanism, we select the most effective communication mix of ATL or BTL tools to reach your objectives within your budget.

Brand Activation – is a special approach or strategy to make your brands stronger which supplements classic advertising. Advertising alone can not build the brand and at the same time explain all brand attributes and product features. More >>

We come up with strategies (tactical or supportive campaigns) to fix attributes of your brand or product features in consumers´ minds. We bring your brands closer to your consumers, create a consumer experience with your brand, strengthen the most important brand attributes and product features and turn them into strong strategic advantages over competitors.

Tools we use to activate your brands:
TV, print, outdoor, radio, web, POSM or merchandising, alternative media, viral Experiental marketing, Direct com., BTB, CRM, PR, new product launches, sampling, tasting

Sales Activation – is a set of tools that helps clients to achieve their marketing objectives and sales targets faster and easier. Brand building actions help to create certain emotions and position the brand in consumers' minds. Additionally, we need to make consumers act and buy the products. More >>

Our Sales activation team is developing strategies to stimulate product purchase and push sales. We stimulate people to engage and interact with the brand, we encourage people to try the brand for the first time, we give extra reason or benefit to consumers to buy the product, and we motivate them to stay loyal and buy the product more frequently.

Tools we use to activate your sales:
Consumer, customer and tailor-made promotions, promo road tours, loyalty and motivation programs